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It's the show that takes you on the incredible, cult-ish journey to self-discovery with your visionary, tour guide hostess - RhondaVision!

Through RhondaVision's abstracted interaction with life, you'll learn that even your own idiosyncrasies can lead you to great and monumental discoveries. Check out this show, folks, but beware...once you watch it, you'll be hooked and addicted for life!

"On the tips of everyone’s tongue in the Los Angeles area, the word is spreading fast about RhondaVision. Critics are hailing RhondaVision as the next generation of must-see-revolutionary-surreal-TV. There can be no mistake that something rewarding has finally crashed into television. TV Guise raves, RhondaVision has a deep message that resonates like a gong...”and Reader’s Digestion implores people to “watch, listen, learn, and laugh your butt off...RhondaVision delivers a one-woman act that surpasses the competition...” while Bowling Stones concludes that “RhondaVision is a multi-layered, comedically brilliant show that can be enjoyed by viewers of all intellectual levels...”

Check out my vision-filled promo, folks! Just click the play button and enjoy. This clip starts off in black.

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